About Us

Zion Society has been in operation for over 15 years. Our temple is located at 1 Barnett Lane, Montego Bay, Jamaica. The Society is lead under the direction of Grand Master and Obeah High Priests. Professor Aba. We are recognized worldwide for our work in the occults, mainly in Obeah, Voodoo, Black Magic and Egyptian-Pharaonic Witchcraft. The masters of Zion Society are dedicated to the spirits, and African ancestors, and demonstrate a caring heart for serving humanity. As a result of this, we are able to assist people with various problems of a spiritual nature, no matter where they are located worldwide.

For over 15 years Zion Society has been strongly involved in offering its members the very best services in ritual castings. The Society works with the most powerful and sacred spirits to bring the powers and forces of the universe down to your situation. We absolutely believe that everything in the universe is linked by the same force.

We are all made of a spiritual strength: stars, planets, humans, animals…the same spiritual energy naviagates our lives. In reality, science does not deny it. Many scientists acknowledge that the spiritual bonds interconnecting people are more than simple probabilities. For example, most people are aware of telepathy, but few are familiar with a superior force that can be controlled to lead their lives in the path that they desire.

With the power and knowledge of ancient magic .the Zion Society is able to help persons in many areas of their lives – especially in matters of love, money, legal circumstances, healing, good luck, success, and protection. You need not be afraid to consult your case with us, even if it is unusual. We will not judge you. Life is full of light and shadows and we accept both equally. All our spiritual work is confidential, effective, safe and guaranteed. 

Many person’s conception of spell casting is that of “evil-work,” but that is not entirely true — it certainly has these aspects, but it can also generate strong protection, good luck, success, love, and blessings for anyone!

We assist our members to be awaken spiritually, and as a result they exercise more self awareness on a much deeper and higher level. Through the Masters guidance of spells and knowledge; members of Zion Society will become more relaxed, better able to recognize and experience the tranquility within their surroundings, themselves and others. The Zion Society is not judgmental or prejudice, everyone is welcome to join the Zion Society.