Voodoo History

The practice of Voodoo is probably as old as the African continent itself. Sometimes written Voudou, Vodou or Voudun, the word itself means God Creator or Great Spirit. It has been greatly distorted and misused; human sacrifices, vampires, dripping blood and devil worship all make the stuff of spooky novels and Hollywood movies. Yet none of these originated with or ever belonged to Voodoo! Voodoo is a life affirming practice that encourages its participants to...

Obeah History

The occult of Obeah holds a extensive range of secret beliefs and practices involving the invocation and mastery of supernatural spiritual forces, usually for treating illness, bringing good fortune, protecting against harm, and avenging wrongs. Although Obeah was sometimes used to harm others, Europeans during the slave period distorted its positive role in the lives of many enslaved persons. In post-emancipation times, colonial officials, local white elites and their ideological allies exaggerated the antisocial dimensions...
Occult Power

Occult Power

Occult Is Any Form Of Conjured Supernatural Power Or Magic Occult power simply means any power that arrives from a cognition or understanding of paranormal sources and relationship and respect for the deities of the practice or religion. This could mean the supernatural force that comes from knowing the mastery of creating and casting  a spell, or it could signify any paranormal or phenomenal power that is created from the use crystals, wands, pearls, candles, talismans,...
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