Occult Power

Occult Power

Occult Is Any Form Of Conjured Supernatural Power Or Magic

Occult power simply means any power that arrives from a cognition or understanding of paranormal sources and relationship and respect for the deities of the practice or religion. This could mean the supernatural force that comes from knowing the mastery of creating and casting  a spell, or it could signify any paranormal or phenomenal power that is created from the use crystals, wands, pearls, candles, talismans, dolls, herbs, prayers, psalms, oils, metals, symbols etc., or the ability to conjure spiritual forces and control or delegate their use in the spiritual and natural realm. The strength of occult will varies from person to person based on their knowledge, spiritual abilities and inner strength created or given at birth.

Occult symbols carry a significant amount of supernatural force. There are many symbols that are used in magic to create a circumstance, protect or change a situation. There are symbols in all the occults for creating wealth, drawing love, protecting from maleficent spirits, controlling health, causing harm, increasing luck etc.The pentagram is one of the most powerful occult symbols known and has been practiced for thousands of years in the practice of the occult; it is even known to have been used in varying mystical practices by prominent biblical men such as Moses and Solomon. Some say this symbol bears protective and secret covenant, for that reason — the United State of America built its military building (“The Pentagon”)  in the shape of a pentagon. The pentagram is simply a five pointed star that is made for several functions and holds its origins in ancient Greece. Most think that this occult symbol should be made with the topmost triangle pointing upwards towards the celestial sphere in order to bring good forces into being. An inverted pentagram symbol is considered very unlucky, and in some cases even evil. In occult practices the pentagram is usually drawn within a circle band. The circular band itself is an occult symbol and offers protection, as in circular bands drawn around the members of a coven or around an individual who is meditating, call spirits into being or casting casting spells.

The masters of Zion Society use various occult powers in their magical work for the members. Regardless of the complexity of a members circumstance, Zion Society guides its member through the best path for the ultimate successful experience and outcome.

The High Priests of Zion Society are endowed with astounding supernatural forces in the occults because of their years of practice in various mysticism and gained respect from the majestic deities with which their work; as such, they use their power to enhance the lives of the members of Zion Society.

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