Plus + Zion Society's “SECRET WISH RITUAL”

“Riches of Life Ritual”

First think of the importance of the riches of life to you, then select this spell in your membership package — if you decide that you need it. Many people have sought after Zion Society’s Riches Of Life ritual! Just imagine being guided by a force that leads you to financial success. The Riches Of Life ritual gives you the advantage to gain fame and riches over your colleagues and business partners . Over time you will realize that your life has changed drastically…and you have propelled to the top of your industry as others will be drawn by force to invest in your venture and give you large sums of money, the forces will guide you to make wise financial decisions and investments….all from the spiritual forces of the Riches Of Life ritual!

“Fame & Fortune Rite”

If you are a musician, actor, artist, model, dancer or business professional and wish to achieve fame and fortune, then this rite will help you achieve your dreams. This high level ritual will ensure that you achieve great success in your chosen art. Many people have turned to Zion Society for advice and this is one chance you don’t want to pass you by. You will move through life like a conqueror and be unstoppable. All who receives this rite will also get a free prosperity handkerchief. This prosperity handkerchief is said to attract great wealth to anyone who owns and carries it faithfully: it is an excellent aid for increasing business, for winning money in contest and to help obtain an increase in pay from your boss. Notoriety will come to you from unexpected sources.

“Success in Business Rite”

Do you own or want to start your own business and need some help? This is the ideal ritual for you. This ritual enables you to bring in more customers, more money and more positive attention. This ritual increases your business success – watch your customers and business account grow.

“Money Ritual”

Are you desperate for a financial breakthrough, or to increase your financial standing? If so, this is the ritual for you. This is an ancient Egyptian prosperity rite it attracts wealth, new business, new home, new car, new and better paying jobs, helps in gambling such as sweep stakes and other games of chance and also induces one to give money to you. Overall this is one ritual that every person rich and poor should do. Please note that money gain through magic a little should always be given away, the more you give the more you will get.

“Job & Promotion Rite”

Are you out of a job? Dread going to work? Do you dislike your coworkers, your boss, or even what you do every day? Do you feel overlooked, overworked or underpaid? Do you dream of a job that makes you happy and pays well or dream of getting a promotion/raise? Request this ritual and move upwards and onwards to better things

“Gambling Luck Rite”

Here is the way to bring your enormous power and your many hidden abilities out from under a bushel. Let Zion Society help you to win when you play Race horse, Casino, Cards & Dice Table, Lottery, Sweepstakes and Games. The Gambling Luck ritual is more than luck in gambling!

“Love & Marriage Ritual”

At Zion Society we have discovered the root to unearth all love mysteries and have solved thousands of love problems. Members can benefit from specially formulated love ritual(s) personally designed by Zion Society. This ritual process will solve the  most difficult of all love situations. We will send the wild and whirling spirits in the thoughts and mind of the one you desire, this will ensure that he/she will return and no one will be able to  lessen, break, destroy  or interrupt your happiness. This special invocation is not ordinary and should not be taken for granted. Only when you are sure that you love and want the person forever, then should you ask us to perform this love spell. This rite binds people  together and even takes away sexual desire of any other person.

“Court Case Rite”

Nobody does court cases better than Zion Society, we have helped our members to win various court cases and legal matters. We will win any case for you with our secret rituals, no matter how difficult it may seems. The Zion Society high priests consults with the spirits that govern legal matters with the power to silence any witness and/or  influence the court in your favor etc.

“Protection Rite”

If you need protection from your enemies, to ward off evil, protection from accidents or protection from the law –Zion Society performs the most powerful protection rite to ensure your safety both physically and spiritually. Never again will you be fearful of spiritual attacks by day or by night, enemy magical works, personal or location hauntings by malevolent entities, generational curses, hag-riding by witches, the casting of the evil eye, robbers or death by accidents. Zion Society will put a protective shield around you with the Protection rite.