Spiritual Order

“We at Zion Society hope to train well-balanced intelligent people with characters stabilized by    using all possible occult powers and methods. We believe in “The Light.” It is through this Light that we are guided  and able to conquer all obstacles, thus making all our aspirations possible.”

Each member will be required to keep a detailed meditative record of his/her exercise/rituals. If will have the option to submit your meditative record to us at the end of each month.

  • Zion Society will assess the meditation record and write back to you with comments and recommendations. You can write to us at any time if you have any questions or problems and you will be contacted within ten (10) days after we have received your letter.

We do not claim that the occult holds all the answers to your struggles, but we do know that it has a part to play in the eventual victory over them. We believe that the occult holds a timeless key which may be applied to life and all its problems.

Zion Society does not impose our will on any member. Our expectation is for each member to form their own judgments and ask questions, for clarity and to develop a responsible attitude towards their spirituality.

The Laws Of Attraction & The Benefits To You As A Member

First, you may ask the question, “what is really The Law of Attraction?” Well the Law of Attraction is one of the better known universal laws. The theory behind the Law of Attraction is that we create our own realities. We attract things we want and we also attract things we don’t want. We attract the people in our lives, the stuff in our homes, and the money in our bank accounts through our thoughts and feelings.

When our beliefs are limited, we attract limited wealth and compromise our well-being. When we believe anything is possible, the sky’s the limit In fact, you can break through that glass roof on the sky with your miraculous positive thoughts. When we focus on the “lack of’ we are creating a less-than reality. But, if we focus on being abundant and happy we will enjoy a luxurious and glorious reality. You can Attract what you want in your life.

Although the theory behind the Law of Attraction is very simple, putting it into practice on a conscious level takes work. Negative and limiting belief systems are buried deep inside us. Changing or ridding yourself of ideas and old habits that defeat you at every turn can be done. Are you up for the challenge? The the steps below will guide you to your dreams:

Ask: You must know what you want. I mean, really know what you want. The universe cannot deliver without first knowing what it is that you want to have manifested into your life.

Believe: You need to truly believe that what you are asking for will become yours. Doubts need to be pushed away, the idea that failure is a possibility will interfere with the delivery.

Receive: It is important that you become an active player in reaching your goals. When opportunity comes your way you must not hesitate. Grab the “brass ring” when it appears.

Most likely you know someone  who is great at manifesting his/her needs and wants. You may even have felt somewhat jealous of that person because it appears they have everything, seemingly getting these things with little effort as if they were born under a lucky star. Well, it may be that they very well were born with the knowledge of manifesting already intact. I say this because I believe once we learn something in another life (Yes, Zion Society believe in past lives, parallel existences) it is not lost, and that we can choose to bring those talents with us as we move into a new life experience.

What We at Zion Society Do For You As A Member

  • We offer full protection for all our members. At Zion Society we are our brother’s keeper. One for all– and all for one is emphasized here a lot. We are a loving, caring spiritual community that is are ready to assist you in the most difficult times of your life. The smallest thing you do each day, allows blessings to flow in your life. The universe helps and blesses you.
  • We perform 6 of your Black Magic, Obeah, Voodoo, Egyptian Spells and Rituals which include the following and much more: Removing all evil effects from your life/career and love life, remove all ill fates and failures in your life due to Black Magic, save marriages/relationship on the edge of divorce or separation, love rituals when needed, ancient Egyptian Prosperity spells, Riches of Life rites, Fame and Fortune rituals, Business Success rites, Power rituals, Influence and much more.
  • In addition to the 6 rituals we perform per year for you, we also perform our specialized secret wish ritual — you make your wish we perform a rite to make your wish come through.
  • We believe in giving, and we also we believe that you more you give the more you will receive. All members are recommended to make donations to a worthy cause of their choice.

At Zion Society, you don’t have to go through a life’s obstacles alone. Our experienced and dedicated team of spiritually trained staff and occults priests and masters are here to help. We offer many life-changing spells and rituals with an in-depth learning program to help you overcome the challenges you face and get back on the path of victory.

We are dedicated to reaching people worldwide with the message of hope and breakthrough in every area of your life. Zion Society teaches our members how to have a close walk with the Master of the Universe and how to allow the Universe to act in their situatiion. Membership with Zion Society is your affirmation of the validity of your faith.