The Bible refers to God creating man in his “image and likeness”. “God is a spirit, and
those who worship him, must worship him in SPIRIT and in truth”. What does this really
mean? It simple means that spirituality is a key dimension to understanding our true
and authentic self. It is the basis on which we communicate with our Creator – the
Supreme Being. It is a part of the relationships we forge, our social engagements, an
understanding of the meaning and purpose in life and an overall sense of happiness.
Many persons fail to acknowledge and accept this. He therefore goes in search of
answers that lies within him – within his spirituality. He is always searching. He is
always pregnant with questions, and each question always seem to open the door to
another question. At the end of his life, despite all the material possessions/wealth
achieved, many, on their dying bed, experience a void – a sense of emptiness. It is
then and only then that he discovers that the mystery is all wrapped up in his spirituality
and the discovery of his true self; and that once he discovers his true spiritual authentic
self, and is able to make that spiritual connection – it unlocks the door to the universe
– the possibility to understand and experience life on the highest frequency possible.
Spirituality is seen as having a strong correlation with the leading of a good life,
including moral development and self-actualization. The sense of self is integrated
with the awareness of personal growth, evolution and connection with others and the
world understood to be part of the individual’s spirituality. Spirituality is related to the
sense of self worth and an awareness of one’s own life within a larger context.
The Authentic Self
The concept of the “authentic self” – the “total self” is very often associated with the
idea of human beings as having a physical and psychological side. However, there is
a third dimension of the authentic self that is as important as the preceding two, i.e the
spiritual aspect- the “spiritual self”.
 With focus on the mind-body-spirit connection, the spiritual self is an
ongoing, personal life journey, promoting the belief in a higher being,
culture, relationships, nature and the discovery of a deeper meaning of
one’s life.
 Spirituality is seen by some as the aspect of the self that is associated
with an individual’s process of seeking and expressing meaning and how
he or she is connected to the self, to others, to the moment and to
everything else that composes his/her environment, including the sacred
and significant.
The Authentic Self Cont’d
 Spirituality is also regarded as any experience that is thought to bring
the experiencer in contact with the divine; it is not just any experience
that feels meaningful. It is also viewed as the individual’s personal
relation to the sacred or supernatural, a relation that then informs other
relationships and the meaning of one’s own life. It is the “personal and
private beliefs that transcend the material aspects of life and give a deep
sense of completeness, connectedness and openness to the “Infinite” or
Spirituality speaks to the meaning and purpose that outweighs the physical realities
of life. Spirituality focusses on an individual’s connections to various aspects of his/her
existence: to others, to nature and sacredness and divinity. In the quest for and
applying meaning to one’s life, relationships are created and sustained not only with
people but with other life forms or with a higher being. Spirituality speaks about the
sacred and ineffable. It is the accepted belief that within the universe, there is a force
greater and higher than self.
Spirituality and Religiosity
Religiosity is defined as the acceptance of a belief system and practices associated
with a tradition in which there is a agreement regarding what is accepted and what is
demonstrated. It is a kind of attachment to a set of beliefs, values and practices of a
particular religion. This consists of a set of practices and participation involving various
individuals. However, as people get older, they begin to form questions that go deeper
than their religious orientation. An individual can possess spirituality even he or she
is not a part of a religion.
Spirituality – An Impactful life
A spiritual person finds peace and serenity in his or her life, when the quest for
answers to, “Who am I” or “how can I live a fulfilled life” is ended. Spirituality allows
an individual to remain strong and push through despite the challenges and pitfalls
that he encounters along life’s journey. Spirituality can be enhanced by reaching deep
within oneself. Ongoing reflection and meditation on life’s choices and decisions and
developing empathy and compassion toward others and having faith in a higher being
can enhance spiritual intelligence.
Spirituality and Self-Discovery
Are you searching for answers that lie within you, but you have no idea how to tap into
this spiritual reservoir? Are you ready to discover your spirituality – your authentic self?
Are you searching for answers to some of your biggest questions about life? Are you
searching for that purpose in your life and the reasons for life’s many inequalities,
unfairness, disappointments, suffering and pain? Your search is over.
The Zion Society and Spiritual Practices
Zionism recognizes magic and spiritual rootwork as another important field of mastery,
like Medicine, Architecture or Law. In the Zion Society, heavy emphasis is placed on
using magic to compel the assistance of divine powers; steering you into the right path
to prosperity – taking control of your life with focus on critical areas such as:
1. Restoration of your Health
2. Wealth creation and restoration of Wealth
3. Creation of Business Opportunities
4. Removal of negative/evil forces from your life
5. Spiritual Protection and Power
6. Job Security
7. Relationship and Marriage success
8. Healthy State (Emotional and Mental state)
9. Overcoming Depression,
10.Securing Jobs and gaining control in your work environment
11.Overcoming Fears and Insecurities


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